Hi, I'm Kristine

I am a corporate executive turned health coach and my passion is helping others who are struggling with excess weight, low energy, or are concerned about their long-term health.  

I had my own health concerns which started me on a path to get answers to improve my own situation. 


My health journey started in San Francisco, where I moved not long after graduating from college. I loved the city!

I walked everywhere and enjoyed all the fine restaurants and night life. I was in heaven.  I particularly loved the fine dining, eating out and sampling everything including the desserts. 

It didn’t take long before I was wearing all those desserts despite all the walking.  I gained 30 extra pounds!

I was also experiencing migraine headaches more frequently.  


I couldn’t believe it. I thought that if I was active, that I could eat whatever I wanted and avoid health issues. I was wrong. I learned about nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and started making changes. Gradually the weight came off.  

Today I eat a whole food plant-based diet, move daily and minimize the high sugar desserts.  I also sleep better, mediate and journal when I can.  

I would love to pass along my learning to help you achieve a healthy weight that makes you feel great, energizes you, and supports you in better health outcomes today and in the decades ahead.   


What if you were at your ideal weight?

What if you had the energy to do fun stuff at the end of your day?

What if you felt amazing in your clothes? 

What if you worried less about getting sick as you got older?

Well.. this is your lucky day because... 

just imagine...

Restore Program

You're invited to join my

A 90 day science based program to educate and support you to achieve your desired weight, boost energy and set you up for optimal  health over the long-term. 

I will work 1:1 with you over the next 3 months to develop and implement a personalized plan for you to achieve your weight loss, energy and health goals. 

My program is science backed and designed to teach you what you need to know to lose weight and feel better over the long-term. 

The program includes weekly meetings with me, a workbook for each week's module, plus I am adding in two bonuses: a weight loss supporting recipe book and an exercise guide.   

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Studies have found that working with a health coach was a significant predictor of weight loss, motivation and overall satisfaction of participants over education alone. 

Here's how it works



Welcome week!  We get to know each other and review your vision for your new you. 

We dive into the fundamentals of nutrition so that you know what foods will serve you best in reaching your goals. 

We will look at how stress plays a role in weight loss, sleep and overall health.  We will work on strategies to help you find calm in your busy life.  




Learn how certain hormones affect your metabolism and together we will work on strategies for you to optimize them for weight loss and energy. 


This module is about how to improve your digestive health and the connection between fiber, sugar and weight loss.  We will also review progress on your goals and fine tune this week! 


This week we will focus on how food affects your mood.  We will learn about emotional eating and how to recognize it as well as what to do when it happens.   


Sleep is important for overall  health, but it also affects your energy levels.  It also plays a major role in weight loss.  We will work on ways to improve your sleep this week.

Movement is critical to energy, but it is also important for weight loss. We will look at ways to gradually include it into your daily routine.

module 5

module 7

module 6


We are focusing on self care this week, which is one of my favorite modules.  After all, taking care of yourself is the best way to feel good and keep your energy and motivation high.  


we are taking a deep dive into all things energy and the natural ways that you can boost it so that you maximize your spirit and vitality.   


We thrive when social connections are healthy and strong.  We will do a deep dive into building healthy relationships as well as finding your happy place.    


We are celebrating this week. You made it!  Lets reflect back and see all that you have accomplished and make a plan for your next goals.  Congratulations!! 


A recipe book* to support you in your weight loss and energy boosting journey. These are complete with beautiful pictures of meals that are thirty minutes or less and ten or fewer ingredients.

Even better they are taste tested and include full nutritional information. 

*Plant based version available    



My preferred full body exercises as inspiration for you to get started moving in a way that will support both weight loss and energy.  


Total value over $2,500

want to lose the excess weight,  feel better and have more confidence in their daily lives.    

are tired at the end of a long day and want more energy to do the fun things that they enjoy. 

don't have a lot of time and need some support and proven strategies to get them to their goals. 

This program is designed for women who...

This program will help you finally lose weight and have more energy so that you can spend it doing the things you enjoy.  

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How will I find the time to do this?  

I get it, life is busy, but I am here to support you in finding the right plan that works for your schedule.  Let me ask you how would you feel in 90 days, six months or a year if you got to your goal weight, were full of  energy, and confident in your long-term health outcome?    

how can i afford this?

Yes, working with a coach is an investment, but studies show that participants who worked with a health coach had superior results.

Not only did they achieve better outcomes toward their goals, they were also happier and more committed in the process.

For those who prefer to break out their payments over time, I offer a plan to spread your payment out over 4 months. I want this to work for you! 

what if i decide that this isn't for me? 

I want you to be happy and love the process so I am offering a two week 100% money back guarantee. If you don't feel like this program is right for you then no hard feelings and I will refund your payment. 

still got questions?



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