Hi, I'm Kristine

I am a corporate executive turned health coach and my passion is helping others who are struggling with excess weight, low energy, or are concerned about their long-term health.  

I had my own health concerns which started me on a path to get answers to improve my own situation. 


My health journey started in the San Francisco, where I moved not long after graduating from college. I loved the city!

I walked everywhere and enjoyed all the fine restaurants and night life. I was in heaven.  I particularly loved the fine dining, eating out and sampling everything including the desserts. 

It didn’t take long before I was wearing all those desserts despite all the walking.  I gained 30 extra pounds!

I was also experiencing migraine headaches more frequently.  


I couldn’t believe it. I thought that if I was active, that I could eat whatever I wanted and avoid health issues. I was wrong. I learned about nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and started making changes. Gradually the weight came off.  

Today I eat a whole food plant-based diet, move daily and minimize the high sugar desserts.  I also sleep better, mediate and journal when I can.  

I would love to pass along my learning to help you achieve a healthy weight that makes you feel great, energizes you, and supports you in better health outcomes today and in the decades ahead.   

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